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19. May 2015

Unique in Europe: FREMM frigate fires a naval Cruise Missile

On Tuesday 19th May 2015, the first Naval Cruise Missile (Missile de Croisière Naval - MdCN) firing was successfully performed by the French FREMM Aquitaine frigate at Le Levant Island in the Mediterranean Sea, a DGA (Direction générale de l'armement) missile testing centre. 

This is a major milestone for the FREMM Programme as the MdCN Cruise Missile system gives a new deep strike capability. To date such a firing is unique as it is the first time that a European Navy could fire a land attack Cruise Missile of this type from sea. This represents a fundamental additional military capability for Europe.

FREMM frigate fires a naval Cruise Missile

Furthermore, the first Surface to Surface Missile (Exocet MM40 block III) firing had also been successfully carried out by the French FREMM Aquitaine frigate one week before. These two great achievements confirmed the outstanding armament capability of the French FREMM frigates and the full operability of the FREMM Combat Management System. 

The launches were prepared and supervised by DGA, the French Navy, the OCCAR-EA FREMM Programme Division and industrial teams led by DCNS and MBDA.