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04. May 2015

Two new ship programmes integrated into OCCAR

The Multipurpose Patrol Ship Programme PPA (Pattugliatori Polivalenti d’Altura) and the Logistic Support Ship Programme LSS (Logistic Support Ship) have been formally integrated into OCCAR on 4 May 2015 with the confirmation of the PPA and LSS Programme Decisions and the respective contracts by the Italian authorities.

Both programmes are currently managed on behalf of Italy as the Programme Participating State. 
The successful integration into OCCAR of these two modern ship programmes means a major expansion of the OCCAR Programme portfolio. OCCAR now manages 11 European Armament Programmes in various capability and technology areas, including also the Maritime Mine Counter Measures (MMCM) Programme which was integrated in March 2015.

The two classes of ships have been conceived, since the beginning, with enhanced “dual use” features, fit for traditional military tasks and also able to intervene during peace time, supporting Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Assistance Operations (i.e. modular hospital, electrical power/drinkable water ashore and containers). In other words, the ships are able to provide maritime security in war and in peacetime, 365 days per year.

The Pattugliatori Polivalenti d’Altura - PPA vessels represent the best example of a “one-size-fits-all warship” designed to perform a wide spectrum of missions, thanks to their remarkable capabilities in terms of modularity and flexibility.
The ships will replace patrol ships, corvettes and frigates and will initially be delivered in a full and a light configuration. 


The Programme includes Development and Production of six ships (five in light and one in full configuration; with an option for another four ships) and the In Service Support for ten years.
The delivery of the First of Class is planned in 2020 for the light configuration (FOC L) and 2023 for the full configuration (FOC F).

The OCCAR-EA PPA Programme Division is located in Rome, Italy.

The Logistic Support Ship - LSS will be capable of supporting a naval Joint Task Force, to support disaster relief operations, to provide medical support (NATO Role 2 LM) and to transport naval and aviation fuel, fresh water, ammunitions, lubricating oil, food, spare parts and 20 ft ISO containers.

Logistic Support Ship - LSS

The LSS Programme includes Development and Production of one ship and the In Service Support for ten years. 
The delivery of the LSS is planned for 2019. 

The OCCAR-EA LSS Programme Division is located in La Spezia, Italy.