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13. June 2012

TIMS Frame Contract and first Single Purchase Order are signed!


Today the TIMS Frame Contract and the first Single Purchase Order were signed by Mr. Vicente Rolo and Mr. Mario Garcia representing INDRA Sistemas SA and Mr. Patrick Bellouard, the OCCAR-EA Director.

The Through Life Information Management Solution (TIMS) is a means to collect, process, store and share Data and Information during the In Service Phase of the collaborative armaments programmes managed by OCCAR-EA. This data may refer to activities like configuration management, technical event management, support engineering/hot line support management, spares pool management etc.

TIMS aims at providing for each OCCAR Programme the means to manage these data that have to be exchanged and shared between industry, the Participating States’ Official Services and Third Parties within OCCAR and possibly also export customers.

The TIMS Frame Contract establishes the general conditions governing the contractual aspects. The first Single Purchase Order aims at the provision of the activities to be performed and items to be delivered in relation to the TIMS system and the TIGER Programme Division requirements. 

The Frame Contract will be effective until end of 2022, while the Single Purchase Order will have duration of 5 years. These contracts will quickly be supplemented by a second Single Purchase Order addressing the specific needs of the A400M Programme Division in this respect.