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07. December 2011

Tiger helicopter - Repair Frame Contract with ECT signed

Repair Frame Contract with ECT signed

For the Support of the TIGER Weapon System a major milestone was achieved with the signature of the Repair Frame Contract (RFC) with ECT.

The OCCAR-EA Director signed with Dr. Schley from ECT GmbH this frame contract for the repair of the TIGER helicopter on 07/12/2011 in Bonn.

With this, the establishment of the ODT contractual strategy for HAP/UHT and HAD in the field of support is fully operative.
A pre-condition for the signature was the harmonisation of Nation’s position on the cost approach which was taken during the 27th TIGER Programme Committee, where Nations decided on the Annual Recurring Activities (ARA) approach for ECT management efforts.

As it is already the case for spares, the order of repairs will be a fully electronic process. It will soon be possible to place first orders through N@MSIS after incorporation of the Customer Price List (CPL) and Nations’ budget ceilings into the system.

Repair Frame Contract with ECT signed