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24. February 2017

Technical and Logistic Support (TLS) Contract Amendment for TIGER signed

On 24th February 2017 OCCAR Director Tim Rowntree and Airbus Helicopter Tiger Programme Manager Andreas Goern signed Amendment 5 of the TIGER helicopter Technical and Logistic Support (TLS) contract, which provides Participating States (France, Germany and Spain) with the regular services needed to support their fleets. The contract covers a period of four years with an option for a further two years.


OCCAR Director Tim Rowntree and Airbus Helicopters Tiger Programme Manager Andreas Goern

In addition to the TIGER UHT and HAP variants, Amendment 5 to the TLS Contract encompasses both HAD variants for France and Spain as well as several additional services in the areas of Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), Technical Publications (TechPub), Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and Repair Design.

This contract amendment guarantees the continuity and the enlargement of services needed by the three TIGER Nations to ensure an ongoing safe and secure In-Service environment for their TIGER fleets.


OCCAR-EA and Airbus Helicopter TIGER teams