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30. September 2009

Signature of FREMM Contract Amendment No 4

Hervé Morin, FR Minister of Defence

At end September 2009, the FREMM Contract Amendment 4 has been signed in the OCCAR premises in Paris. It represents the most important modification to the FREMM contract from the beginning of the program.

For Italian Version: The SAAM-IT missile system will be upgraded to the SAAM ESD missile system. The contract foresees the update of the technical architecture of EMPAR radar through the implementation of the radar active technology and the upgrade of the Command and Control (C2) of the missile system in order to manage also the ASTER30 missiles. This upgrade will implement the self defense operational capability improvement and the capability to protect consort ships (Local Area Defence).

For French Version: Amendment 4 to the FREMM Contract brings from eight to eleven the number of FREMM frigates firmly ordered for the French Navy. OCCAR awarded Industry an order for one FREMM frigate in Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) configuration and two other ships in air-defence configuration (FREDA). An extended Anti Air Warfare capability with ASTER 30 missiles will be implemented on FREDA frigates. In addition, jammer capabilities will be offered to a larger number of FREMM frigates. These modifications will improve the FREMM capabilities to ensure a better control of aero maritime battle space towards submarine, aircraft, ship and asymmetrical threats.

This amendment also enabled the reissue of a complete set of technical requirements including most of the modifications deriving from the agreements reached during the design phase.