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31. March 2012


On 31st March 2012, another significant FREMM Programme high level objective was achieved. At Riva Trigoso (Genoa) shipyard the Italian frigate “Virginio FASAN” was launched. The vessel is the First of the Anti Submarine Warfare Class, ordered by OCCAR within the framework of the Italian-French cooperation.

Godmother was Mrs Gina Fasan, daughter of the Italian Navy 3rd Class Chief Mechanic Virginio Fasan, in honour of which is named the ship. Virginio Fasan, drowned in the waters of Asinara on the 9th of September 1943 on board the destroyer “Vivaldi", took part in all the war operations carried out by the vessel and was awarded with a silver medal for his service in the waters of Pantelleria in June 1942.

Among the other,the ceremony was attended by Gianluigi Magri, Undersecretary for Defence, Vice Admiral Luigi Binelli Mantelli, Commander in Chief of the Italian Navy, Patrick Bellouard, OCCAR Director, Matteo Bisceglia, FREMM Programme Manager, Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri and Corrado Antonini, Chairman of Fincantieri.

139 metres long with a beam of 19.7 metres, a displacement at full load of approximately 5,900 tonnes, the “Virginio FASAN” is designed, for achieving a maximum speed of over 27 knots and providing accommodation for a crew of 200 people, granting high degree of flexibility and the possibility to operate in most of the all current complex scenarios. 

Committed by the Italian Participating State for replacing the Italian frigates “Lupo” and “Maestrale” Classes, the ship represents the state of the art from a technological point of view, thanks to the strong and industrial cooperation between the two Prime Contractors Orizzonte Sistemi Navali and DCNS, Whose effectiveness has been positively experienced in the previous Italian-French Programme “Orizzonte”.