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22. September 2019

SAMP/T NG IT& FR Meeting for definition engagement module operational requirements

A meeting between the Italian Army and French Air Force, with the participation also of the DGA, SGD and OCCAR representatives, was held on 8th to 11th of October 2019 at the 4th Anti Aircraft Artillery Regiment "PESCHIERA" premises in MANTOVA (ITALY).

IT Army invited the FR counterpart as result of a meeting organised by OCCAR between the two delegations the 19th of June 2019 in LE BOURGET to discuss the French proposals to develop a new Engagement Module for the future of SAMP/T NG. The MANTOVA meeting was titled "SAMP/T present and future" and was seen as an important opportunity to discuss on common topics for further shaping of French and Italian operational needs and continuing along the common path of FSAF-PAAMS cooperation. 

SAMP/T present and future

Meetings participants ©OCCAR

The OCCAR role was to coordinate the activity in order to facilitate the discussion between respective national representatives and to promote a convgercence on the development of the new Engagement Module. This comes under the perspective of the SAMP/T NG considering National peculiarities and different operational modes. The meeting was a full success, also having industrial representatives attending the event on the last days.