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31.October 2010

Record week on the A400M flight test

Last week of October has been a record week for the A400M flight test. After some weeks where flying activities were much reduced because of maintenance and performance improvement works, the three Grizzlies have waked up stronger and have recovered in one shot their target schedule. As result of this effort, some records have been reached. The two first records are number of flights (20) and flying hours (62) in a week. These figures pushed total number of flights to 230 and total number of flying hours to 773.5. On the other hand, MSN002 reached 100 flights and catch MSN001, ending the week with a total of 97 flights. 

Finally, MSN004 is taken its definitive shape for a first flight expected at the end of the year. MSN006 is the first A400M aircraft in its definitive production design. Some of its major assembly parts, like the wings, are being sent to the FAL in Seville in a direct flight from Filton (UK) in the inside of the Beluga.