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10. January 2017

“Ready for Training” of the Upgraded Computer Aided Training for TIGER UHT

On 10 January 2017, the Computer Aided Training (CAT) upgrade for the German TIGER UHT (Unterstützungshubschrauber TIGER) reached its final milestone with the “Ready for Training” declaration made by OCCAR. This project, performed in close collaboration between benntec Systemtechnik GmbH and the German Armed Forces, has been completed within the agreed schedule.


Courseware extract – Helicopter exterior check procedure (© 2016 benntec)

The German Tiger aircrews at EFA (German-French TIGER pilot school) in Le Luc and at the 36th Combat Helicopter Regiment in Fritzlar will benefit from a fully comprehensive computer based instruction aligned with the latest helicopter standard which covers the helicopter technology, weapon systems, tactics and procedures that they need to know to achieve their demanding missions. The training content is presented in a user friendly way using the latest standards of 3D models, animations and graphics to create the best learning experience for the students.

The course management system developed for the CAT system (called TCM) is also in use in the French Armed Forces for the creation and the management of the French Tiger training courseware. 

This project is an integral part of the comprehensive training services portfolio managed by OCCAR for the TIGER Participating States in accordance with the OCCAR through life management concept.


Courseware extract – Taxiing procedure (© 2016 benntec)


Courseware extract – Helicopter interior check procedure (© 2016 benntec)