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The MAST-F (Missile Air-Sol Tactique Futur) programme will enhance the Air to Ground capability for the French TIGER helicopter, whose mid-life update is scheduled as part of the TIGER Mark III helicopter programme.  MAST-F’s first delivery is planned for 2028.

The MAST-F missile will replace the Hellfire II missile and will enhance TIGER’s Air to Ground capability to meet the reality of the future ground battlefield.

MAST-F will be capable of neutralising the enemy’s Main Battle Tanks, infrastructure and combat groups with high precision and limited collateral damage. It is designed to provide FR combat units with a versatile and precision attack capability.

The MAST-F has the potential to be fitted and used by other aerial or terrestrial platforms, and will be integrated into the French Forces training system.


MAST-F Participating States

Main Characteristics & Performance

  • Weight of Ammunition = 35kg
  • Maximum Range in hovering flight = 8km+
  • Fire and Forget
  • Man In The Loop capability (Back Image Capability)
  • LOBL (Lock On Before Launch), LOAL (Lock On After Launch), Mission Abort & Target Designation/Update
  • 3 Main Modes of Operation : SAL (Semi-Actif Laser), IR (Infra-Red) & TV (TeleVision - Day and Night)
  • Multi-effect Warhead
  • Modular Launcher (Quad & Twin)

MAST-F Contract:

Development and Qualification of MAST-F system


  • 500 missiles.
  • 100 modular launchers
  • 27 Fire Training simulators

Integration & Support

  • Technical support and configuration management covering all of the firm tranche
  • Launcher & FTS technical support and reparation
For further information about the MAST-F Programme, please contact the Programme Division or the Prime Contractor.
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