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LSS - Logistic Support Ship

The LSS Programme is a logistic support ship programme for Italy. With its state of-the art design and technical features, the ship will meet today’s requirements of a modern Navy in various scenarios. LSS will offer an extraordinary capacity and a high degree of flexibility at low support cost.

This unit, fully interoperable with NATO and EU partners, will be more versatile than the present generation of ships, benefiting from an extensive use of the modularity concept. It will be conceived since the beginning of the design phase with enhanced “dual use” features, fit for traditional military tasks and able to intervene also during peace time, supporting Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Assistance Operations (i.e. modular hospital, electrical power/drinkable water ashore and containers).

The LSS Programme includes Development and Production of one ship and the In Service Support for ten years. The LSS will be capable of supporting a naval Joint Task Force, to support disaster relief operations, to provide medical support (NATO Role 2 LM) and to transport naval and aviation fuel, fresh water, ammunitions, lubricating oil, food, spare parts and 20 ft ISO containers.

The delivery of the LSS is planned for 2019.

In 2015, the LSS Programme was integrated into OCCAR and the contract became effective.

In June 2016 Brazil assumed the Observer status into the Programme.

With the amendment of the PMA in July 2017, France started the integration in the LSS Programme. The French participation will result in an additional 3 vessels and a 4th in option and a FR/IT cooperation to cover common In-Service Support.

LSS Participating State

LLS Technical Information

Overall length 165 m
Width 24 m
Displacement 23000 tonnes
Maximum speed 20 knots
Crew 167 people
Accommodation 200 people
Range 7000 NM
For further information about the LSS Programme, please contact the Programme Division or the Lead Partner of the Temporary Consortium.
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OCCAR-EA LSS Programme Division