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ESSOR - European Secure Software defined Radio



The ESSOR Programme is built on the need to improve coalition deployment efficiency by enabling radios from different nations from different manufacturers to interoperate. To this end, ESSOR uses Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology to define the future of interoperable radios, producing standards, software (waveforms) and radio terminals.

The ESSOR Products are:

•       ESSOR High Data Rate Waveform (EHDRWF) : this waveform is installed inside radios from Finland, France, Italy, Germany and Poland. Radios interoperability was successfully demonstrated in 2022 in a laboratory environment. Further lab tests and field tests are planned to imrover the operational usage and also include radios from Germany, who joined the programme in 2019.

•       ESSOR Narrow Band Waveform for tactical ground domain (ENBWF), that feature less data-rate and more range than the EHDRWF;

•       ESSOR 3D Waveform for Air to Air and Air-Ground-Air waveform (E3DWF),

•       ESSOR Link 16 (L16) MIDS terminal for Air tactical Data link (EMIDS), to replace the Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) terminal currently on-board all major European platforms.

Beyond these products, the ESSOR Programme aims at ensuring interoperability over the long term, providing configuration and export management for all Participating States as well as a through life cycle support (test, certification, training, knowledge, tools & processes).

Through its cooperative approach and innovative technology, ESSOR is bringing major change in the world of military radios and therefore raises interest from the international community:

•       ESSOR is also a project of the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) of the EDA (European Defence Agency).

•       The European Commission (EC) is financing part of the ESSOR programme activities under the European Defence Industry Development Programme (EDIDP)

•       NATO member states are showing great interest as :

-       The EHDRWF waveform is in the final stage of becoming a STANAG 5651, and is included in the spiral 5 of the Federated Mission Networking (FMN) initiative that lists the preferred tools for NATO operational employment.

-       The ESSOR activity on ENBWF are performed in close cooperation with NATO that will use the results to modernize the existing STANAG 5630.

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ESSOR Participating State for Phase One legacy issues
ESSOR Architecture Introductory Document
Radio Devices API Description Document
Radio Services API Description Document
DSP AEP and IDL Profile Description
For further information about the ESSOR Programme, please contact the Programme Division or the Prime Contractor.

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