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Prof. Agostino Monorchio, Deputy Head of CNIT/RASS (Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni-Radar and Surveillance System National Lab) and Professor at the Engineering University of Pisa, visited the OCCAR-EA La Spezia Satellite on 25th July 2022.

The OCCAR-EA Director Matteo Bisceglia welcomed Prof. Monorchio and his staff and presented them with an overview of OCCAR, its mission and vision, current and future programmes. The meeting focused also on presenting the new systems developed within the naval programmes being managed by OCCAR, namely FREMM, PPA and LSS, to ensure that the Italian Navy will be at the cutting-edge of new technology.

Professor Monorchio visits OCCAR-EA La Spezia Satellite

The OCCAR-EA Director emphasised the paramount role of the University in the field of Research & Development of critical enabling technologies which could provide a capability edge, for important defence projects as well as for a wide range of European security needs.

Prof. Monorchio replied underlying that the consolidated collaboration with the Italian Defence is a fundamental opportunity for the academic and scientific community to strengthen the synergies and the common goal of intercepting emerging technologies, mentioning the V/UHF communication antennas, a subsystem made of two kinds of innovative conformal antennas developed by CNIT/RASS and installed on PPA ships.

Professor Monorchio visits OCCAR-EA La Spezia Satellite

The meeting ended with a visit on board of PPA2. A valuable opportunity to see the effectiveness of the integration of all Full Devolpment Item (subsystem based on new technologies) of PPA Programme.  


If you want to learn more about the PPA, FREMM and LSS programmes, please visit our website.