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23. July 2020

PPA Programme 4th Contract Amendment Signature

In the frame of the 10th PPA Programme Committee in Rome, the Contract Amendment N° 4 between OCCAR-EA (on behalf of the Italian State) and the Temporary Consortium, consisting of Fincantieri and Leonardo Company, was signed on 23 July 2020.

PPA Programme 4th Contract Amendment Signature

From left to right: Dr Pasanisi Cristiano (FINCANTIERI) - Eng De Fazio Marco (LEONARDO COMPANY) - Vice Adm Guma Massimo (PPA Programme Committee Representative) - Mr de Candia Pasquale (OCCAR PPA Programme Manager) - Mr Bisceglia Matteo (OCCAR-EA Director) © OCCAR

Beyond technical and commercial changes implemented in the Contract (in line with the Engineering and Commercial Change Proposals approved by Italy), the 4th Amendment introduces compulsory updates in the PPA Contract (due to Health and Safety regulations), providing guidelines for Health and Safety at Work (H&S@W) Management along the Ship’s Life Cycle.

To date, the Programme is in a mature phase, since the production of the first five ships is in good progress (2 Light, 2 Light Plus and 1 in Full configuration).

The PPA first of class (in Light configuration), named “Paolo Thaon di Revel” will be delivered in 2021 and the next programme major milestone will be the first sea going of the second PPA, named “Francesco Morosini”, which is expected for October 2020.

To know more about the programme please visit our web.