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31. December 2019

PPA Dual Band Radar X/C development

Just in time for the Christmas festivities, the PPA Programme achieved another important technical milestone: the integration of the first two X-Band fixed sensor arrays (faces) of the new Dual Band Radar (DBR) X/C at the test bed in Pratica di Mare airfield, near Rome.

Following the successful completion of a single face Factory Qualification Trials (FQT), two X-Band faces were integrated and, for the first time, targets were detected and tracked over a 180 degrees sector.

PPA DBR radar

DBR targets' detection ©Leonardo

Despite the achievement of this significant milestone, the PPA Programme and its team cannot afford to rest on these laurels, as further important challenges await them. Within 2020, the two X-Band faces FQTs have to be completed and the system trials onboard Thaon di Revel (PPA1), with four faces installed, will be performed.
DBR test bed in Practica di Mare airfield

DBR test bed in Pratica di Mare ©Leonardo

The DBR bears witness of the excellent synergistic teamwork of the contractor Leonardo Company, under Italian Navy requirements, through OCCAR as Contracting Authority. It is a 3D high performance multifunctional surveillance sensor with missile-guidance capability (DBR-C version), that will position PPA vessels and the Italian Navy at the forefront of the European defense panorama.

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