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Possible Future Purchase of Night Vision Goggles

OCCAR-EA Advertisement of Possible Future Purchase of Night Vision Goggles

You will find the advertisement in the pdf file.

The original version published on 30 August 2019 has been replaced by an updated version on 5 September 2019, to set out unequivocally that UK companies are able to participate independent from a UK exit from the European Union.


OCCAR organized on 7th November a joint seminar with ASD, the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe. The seminar brought together more than 70 representatives of defence companies from across Europe to learn about OCCAR and the current and future business opportunities that may emerge from ongoing European defence initiatives such as PESCO.  The event focused on the forthcoming procurement of night vision capability equipment by OCCAR on behalf of Belgium and Germany, for which OCCAR will use an EU-wide tendering procedure.

You will find below the presentations given at the event.

OCCAR Introduction
Contract Management
Future business opportunities
Night Vision Capability Introduction