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With the signing of the Horizon MLU Contract on 28 July 2023, the Mid-life Upgrade of the four (4) Horizon class vessels entered into the “operative phase”.

The main objectives of the MLU are obsolescence resolution of systems/ equipment, design, development and integration on board of the new systems. The main core of the common activities is focused on the development, production and integration on board of the AAW and EW domains’ systems. Furthermore, national variants are envisaged for other Combat and Platform domains’ systems.

Indeed, an Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) for all the systems/ equipment involved in the MLU activities is foreseen. The integration of the new systems on board are planned from the mid-year of 2026 for the IT FOC and from end 2027 for the IT FOS. For the French ships, activities are planned from the mid-year of 2028 for FR FOC and from the second half of 2029 for FR FOS. Activities are expected to be completed around the end of 2030 (+ guarantee period).


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Management System ISO: 9001:2015

Management System
ISO: 9001:2015
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