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30. November 2021

OCCAR validated the redesigned radar cabinet of SAAM-FR, the system ensuring air defense to French aircraft carrier

OCCAR/FSAF-PAAMS PD managed with its stakeholders the hardware validation of the redesigned radar cabinet of SAAM-FR system that ensure air defense to Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.

The successful Critical Design Review has been held in Thales premises, on time accordingly to the contractual planning that foresees next incremental steps with tests on-board, taking advantage of next summer ship technical stop and a final qualification end 2023.

This In-Service Support activity benefits of the synergies pursued by OCCAR/FSAF-PAAMS between the Arabel radar of SAAM-FR and the Arabel radars of FR-IT SAMP/T ground based air defense system.

More than 20 years after SAAM commissioning, the confidence that France has in OCCAR/FSAF-PAAMS capability to manage the air defense of its key assets vessels demonstrates also the relevant Through Life Sustainment Management promoted by OCCAR.

Thus, proving once again, that OCCAR delivers.



Picture of the participants gathering OCCAR, French DGA, GQA representative & industry (people were outdoor and removed the mask only for the picture).


If you want to learn more about the FSAF/PAAMS programme, please visit our website.