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OCCAR-EA Director visited Naval Group shipyard and FREMM Lorraine in Lorient



On 11th October 2022, the OCCAR-EA Director visited Naval Group shipyard and the FREMM Lorraine in Lorient. The Director was welcomed by Naval Group Site Director Mr François Desmoulins and FREMM Programme Director Mr Nicolas Gaspard.

The tour allowed visitors to get a glimpse of the shipyard's building facilities, to include hull processing assembly, mounting and welding, machinery and outfitting workshops.

The OCCAR-EA Director went on board the latest French FREMM frigate Lorraine; the French FOS 1 FREDA, being produced at the Naval Group shipyard.



The Director could appreciate the progress being made on board the Lorraine frigate, which will be the 8th and last FREMM frigate for France.

This was an excellent visit which further demonstrated the technological advancement that can be achieved through international cooperation, it was also a clear demonstration of the strong bond between France, Italy and OCCAR-EA.



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