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24. February 2021

the OCCAR-EA Director signed a BOXER contract amendment, on behalf of Germany

On 26 January 2021, the OCCAR-EA Director signed a BOXER contract amendment, on behalf of Germany, for the upgrade of the final 27 Command Post vehicles (Führungsfahrzeuge) to the A2 build standard.

Worth approximately 13 Million EUROs, this amendment now will make the upgrade programme to A2 for Germany complete. The work will be conducted by Rheinmetall Land Systeme (RLS) in Kassel.

The A2 upgrade programme integrates several changes, including changes to loading lists and stowage and also realizes several improvements. Those are e.g. an explosion suppression system and satellite communication. The A2 Mission Modules will be enhanced in terms of survivability and effectiveness.

The A2 upgrade programme also provides the foundations to include the advanced Driver Vision System, to allow German vehicles to be driven on public roads without further support by the commander.

Boxer January 2021

Photo: OCCCAR-EA Director Matteo Bisceglia signing the contract together with the BOXER Programme Manager Ms. Regine Friedberger