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01. October 2020

OCCAR-EA Director keynote-speaker at 25th International Humanitarian and Security Conference

On Oct. 1, the OCCAR-EA Director attended as keynote speaker at the 25th Annual International Humanitarian and Security Conference (IHSC) hosted by the Webster University Geneva at the International Conference Center of Geneva (CICG), on the theme of “New Technologies and Humanitarian Action.

The impact and potential of new technologies in humanitarian action was deepened in several of the panels ranging from the use of drones, artificial intelligence, medical robotics and the benefits derived from the dual use capability of military equipment.

Specifically, the OCCAR-EA Director stressed OCCAR role in the Defence Procurement and the additional requirements of dual-use capability derived from  the task accomplished by armed forces in disaster relief.

As practical examples A400M missions in support of Irma Hurricane in the Caribbean and of COVID-19 pandemic and the dual use design approach used in some naval assets of Programmes managed by OCCAR, such as the French-Italian cooperative programmes FREMM (European multi-purpose frigate) and LSS (Logistic Support Ship) and the Italian PPA (Pattugliatori Polivalenti d’Altura).

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