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24. October 2014

OCCAR-EA awards study contract for the “Analysis of the needs and Definition of Training means for the German-French Tiger Helicopter Technical School”

Bonn, 24th October 2014 – In the frame of the Tiger Helicopter Programme, OCCAR-EA has awarded a contract to CAE Elektronik GmbH to undertake an analysis of the training needs of the Bilateral Tiger Technicians Training School.

The contract was signed by the CAE Elektronik GmbH General Manager, Mr Sabourin, and the OCCAR-EA Tiger Programme Manager, Mr Colliquet, after a competitive procurement process.

Marc-Olivier Sabourin (CAE Elektronik GmbH) and David Colliquet(OCCAR-EA TIGER Programme Manager) signing the Contract

This competitive procurement process was launched on the request of France and Germany, for the benefit of the DFAT (Deutsch-Französisches Ausbildungseinrichtung TIGER - German-French Tiger Helicopter Technical School) located in Fassberg, Germany. The mission of the School is to train French and German Tiger Helicopter Technicians on the maintenance of the Tiger Helicopter in the HAP, UHT and HAD versions. 

The project/contract preparation team, from left to right: 
A. Henrard (OCCAR-EA), O. Guerder (OCCAR-EA), J. Kramp (CAE GmbH), M.-O. Sabourin (CAE GmbH), D. Colliquet (OCCAR-EA), C. Goutard (OCCAR-EA), V. Bernard (OCCAR-EA).

The project will ensure amongst other things that the training needs of the DFAT are efficiently covered in the current programme stage where the first versions of the Tiger Helicopter (HAP and UHT) have been delivered and are combat proven while the latest version of the aircraft (HAD) is starting its delivery phase. This project will also offer the possibility to finalise the technicians training concept, taking into account all variants and adjusting it based on the experience gained. 

This process is fully in line with the OCCAR strategy and mandate for the Tiger Programme, which is to manage and optimise the programme in all Through-Life areas, including training.

A practical session of Tiger Training at DFAT on an engine replica