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22. November 2016

OCCAR-EA attends Airbus MRTT Users Group 2016

On 21-23 November 2016, representatives of the OCCAR-EA MMF Programme Division participated in the Airbus MRTT Users Group (AMUG) 2016.

image of representatives of the OCCAR-EA MMF Programme Division

In this forum, Airbus Defence and Space brings industry and operational users together with the primary objective to promote the development of a common MRTT configuration path and a global approach to the supply of MRTT spares, the resolution of in-service issues and the improvement of maintenance practices. This is done by gathering subject matters experts of the operational users and industry together in four different AMUG working groups under the supervision of an AMUG Steering Group. 

Mr Bart Hummel, ILS/ISS Officer at the MMF Programme Division, stated ‘...the AMUG is a great opportunity to bring all MRTT stakeholders together and exchange thoughts and ideas between the operational users and between the operational users and industry. It also gives OCCAR-EA an opportunity to coordinate and influence future developments to guarantee that the MMF MoU signatory nations get the required capability against the lowest life cycle costs.’