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11. June 2019

OCCAR and NSPA revise MMF Cooperation Agreement

Due to more nations participating in the Multinational MRTT Fleet (MMF) programme and of the number of aircraft to be procured, NSPA and OCCAR have revised the Cooperation Agreement originally signed in 2014 for the management of the programme. Through this revised Cooperation Agreement, NSPA will acquire eight Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft and will carry out the mission and tasks stipulated by its governing body, the NATO Support and Procurement Organisation.

MMF revised cooperation agreement

From left to right:Mr. Peter Dohmen, GM NSPA, Mr Arturo Alfonso Meiriño, OCCAR-EA Director ©OCCAR

The OCCAR Executive Administration will act as the contract-executing agent for the MMF Acquisition Contract with Airbus, which also includes three optional aircraft to accommodate future growth of the programme up to eleven MRTTs. This cooperation between the two organisations is resulting in a success story that will help mitigate one of Europe’s critical capability shortfalls.