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29. June 2020

OCCAR achieves first MMF acceptance

The Transfer of Title of the first MMF aircraft was signed on 29 June in Getafe/Spain.

Airbus has formally delivered the first of eight Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft ordered by the NATO Multinational MRTT Fleet (MMF). The official acceptance of this first aircraft marks a decisive milestone towards the entry into service of this multinational unit formed by the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

After an acceptance ceremony held at the Airbus Getafe site in Spain, the aircraft will take off towards its Main Operating Base located in Eindhoven on 30 June.

The OCCAR, NSPA and Airbus DS Acceptance Teams

The OCCAR, NSPA and Airbus DS Acceptance Teams ©OCCAR

The MMF programme is a prime example of excellent cooperation between nations, the EU and NATO and the strong collaboration between OCCAR and NSPA.

The delivery of the first MMF aircraft marks a key milestone of the MMF ADS acquisition contract managed by OCCAR and the MMF PD  is extremely proud to have delivered this aircraft to the customer on time without any shortfalls in performance or over cost.

Key points for this success are the MMF Nations’ trust in the ability of NSPA and OCCAR to efficiently manage the Programme, the excellent cooperation with the EU and the willingness to succeed of the experienced MMF team.

OCCAR MMF Programme Division in front of the MMF 1

OCCAR MMF Programme Division in front of the MMF 1©OCCAR

The whole acceptance process for MMF#2 started 2 June was performed following strict H&S measures to minimise COVID-19 exposure, which required special efforts from everybody. Nevertheless, with good will and hard work, all parties managed this MMF aircraft acceptance very successfully.

For more information on the programme, please visit our web.