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NVC PD presenting at the 9th Future Soldier Technology Conference in London


On 08 March 2023, OCCAR’s Night Vision Capability programme division (NVC PD) presented at the 9th Future Soldier Technology conference in London. This conference discussed soldier modernisation programmes, how these projects are driving infantry capabilities into the future, and how they make the dismounted soldier more lethal, protected and ready to fight in the challenging conditions of the modern-day battlefield.

NVC PD had the honour not only to present OCCAR and the NVC programme but to chair the complete session on night vision and optics, discussing the impact these advanced technologies have on dismounted soldier lethality and situational awareness. Senior officers and project managers from the field, e.g. from the UK, USA, Finland, and Belgium presented how they manage their night vision capabilities and what challenges they face in current and future procurement activities.


Nils Teschner from NVC PD presenting the NVC programme at the Future Soldier Technology conference 2023

If you want to learn more about the NVC programme, please visit its website.