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Jan 11 2022

U212 NFS production phase launch ceremony

The U212 NFS production phase launch ceremony was held on 11th January 2022 at Fincantieri Integrated Shipyard in Muggiano (La Spezia – IT), in compliance with COVID measures. OCCAR-EA Director Matteo BISCEGLIA, V.Adm. Massimo GUMA (Chairman - Programme Committee Representative) and Dr. Giuseppe GIORDO (General Manager Defence of Fincantieri) attended the launch ceremony, joining Fincantieri’s workers.

The start of the production phase marks the beginning of the first U212 NFS submarine construction being fully integrated within the programme’s multi-year development. Submarines are expected to be delivered in 2027 and 2029 respectively, and will be equipped with a new combat system, innovative electric masts systems, new integrated platform architectures and the new generation of Lithium batteries. All systems will be compliant with latest Cyber Security accreditation requirements.

OCCAR will be managing the U212 NFS Programme; the latter will provide strategic Units to the IT Navy's underwater fleet. The scope of the programme also includes initial ISS, a new training centre and an option for the second pair of submarines.

This programme is the result of Fincantieri’s know-how and expertise within the submarine domain combined with cutting-edge technologies owned by a cluster of national & international underwater industries, some of which are small and medium-sized enterprises.

In accordance to OCCAR management framework, which provides effective management processes and a certain degree of flexibility, the U212 NFS Programme could integrate additional Participating Nations who wish to cooperate in the underwater domain, including those who are not currently OCCAR Member States.

To learn more about the U212 NFS programme, please visit our website.

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