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Mar 16 2022

U212 NFS Lithium Battery System Design Review

The U212 NFS new Battery System (Lithium based) successfully completed its System Design Review (SDR). This milestone marks a mandatory step forward in the development, possible production and integration on board of the U212 NFS fleet.

SDR core objectives were safety and the increase of the operating capacity of the Lithium Battery System.

Next significant step will be the Critical Design Review that completes the design of this innovative as well as strategic energy storage system in line with the Italian Navy operational requirements.

The SDR was achieved through a joint effort by all stakeholders such as the OCCAR U212 NFS Programme Division, Submarine experts of the Italian Navy and the whole small and medium-sized enterprises led by Fincantieri.

If you want to learn more about the U212-NFS programme, please visit our website.

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