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Dec 15 2023

Third U212 NFS Contract Amendment Signed

ROME 15 December – The U212 NFS Programme Manager, Mr. Maurizio Cannarozzo and Mr. Dario Oliveri, Fincantieri Programme Manager for the U212 NFS Programme, signed the third amendment to the U212 NFS contract, in Rome.

This amendment introduces important enhancements aimed at fortifying the contract's functionality. Foremost, the amendment implements Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs) sanctioned under the High-Level Configuration Control Board (HLCCB), enabling the program's capability to integrate approved modifications.

Moreover, it strategically enhances the management efficiency of two crucial Work Packages (WP), WP 3 (Li-Ion Battery System Development) and WP 6 (Training Center), aiming at streamlining operations, ensuring better oversight, execution and outcomes.

Additionally, the amendment prioritizes the update of technical documentation post-Programme Critical Design Review (CDR) and ECPs implementation, ensuring alignment with the latest developments.

Lastly, it underscores the importance of updating the General Furnishing and Equipment (GFX) list, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date specifications.

In conclusion, this third amendment reinforces the commitment to flexibility, financial prudence, and technical excellence within the U212 NFS Programme, charting a course for its continued success and evolution.

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