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Sep 28 2023

REACT Technology Demonstrators - First Visit to SAAB

Järfälla Sep 28, 2023 – As part of the Statement of Work within the framework of the Responsive Electronic Attack for Cooperative Tasks (REACT) contract, some of the participants of the programme had the chance to visit the SAAB facilities in Järfälla, Sweden.

OCCAR’s REACT Project Manager, Antonio Miralles, together with some Consortium representatives from the four companies involved in REACT and experts from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (Försvarets materielverk or FMV), attended the first visit to SAAB in order to see the evolution of electronic attack key technologies under development for the REACT project.

Once critical technologies have been identified by the contractor, a set of demonstrators are under design in order to assess technology maturity for risk reduction and decision-making (i.e. Artificial Intelligence Technology). Technological demonstrators initially identified are: wide band digital receivers and transmitters, phased array electronically and digitally scanned, multimode and multithread capabilities and sophisticated and powerful high-speed processors.

This was the first of four planned visits. During this visit the visitors were given the opportunity to observe how the Low Band demonstrator is able to transmit in different ways and parameters, depending on the desired electronic effect. 

 During the forthcoming months and before the presentation of the Critical Design Review, expected at the end of March, 2023, three more visits to the other Consortium companies (HENSOLDT, ELT and INDRA) are planned to present to the REACT stakeholders, the technological progress in REACT.

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