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Mar 8 2024

Qualification of the new Data System Software for the COBRA system

Bonn, Germany 08 March, 2024 – The OCCAR-EA COBRA Programme Division and Elektroniksystem und Logistik GmbH (ESG) have prepared a new Data System Software (DS SW) version for the French and German COBRA Systems. This follows the recent FR COBRA ATLAS Sub-Assembly retrofit, with dedicated software version, and the need to have a common DS SW version for DE and FR COBRA fleets.

Thanks to the availability and support of the German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), this new software version was tested during trials with two German COBRA Systems, one system located in Putlos and the other one in Todendorf. These trials were performed from 04 until 07/03/2024, concluded the software qualification and showed to the Nations the overall performance improvement compared to the current software version.

After the successful data collection and a thorough data analysis, this software version will be installed on all French already equipped with Boîtier de COMmunication (BCOM) and German COBRA Systems.

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