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Nov 26 2022

PPA Programme 6th Contract Amendment award


On 26 November 2022, in the frame of the launching ceremony of PPA 5 “Marcantonio Colonna”, Contract Amendment 6 was awarded for the PPA Programme.

The contract was signed between OCCAR-EA, on behalf of the Italian Participating State and the Temporary Consortium consisting of Fincantieri and Leonardo.

The Contract Amendment was awarded to implement provisions brought by the 4th Revised PPA ProgD, signed on 11 November 2022, and several technical requirement changes (ECPs).

The Programme is in a mature stage, as the first two units of the class, namely “Thaon di Revel” (PPA1) and “Francesco Morosini” (PPA2), have already been delivered to the Italian Navy.

Additionally, the production of the next five ships is underway. The next important milestone for the Programme will be the delivery of the PPA 3 Vessel, the first one in the Light Plus version, scheduled for 2023.


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