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Jan 31 2024

OCCAR-EA Director Visits Taranto Submarine Base, Flotilla and School

Taranto, Italy 26 January 2024 - Adjacent to his participation in the 6th U212 NFS Programme Committee Meeting, the OCCAR-EA Director, Joachim Sucker, was invited to visit the main Italian Navy base with its shipyard as well as the Submarine Base, the Submarine Flotilla and Submarine School in Taranto.

The Director was welcomed and guided by Captain (N) Manuel Minuto, who presented the advanced technologies such as the last generation escape training system and platform and combat simulators employed in the training of Italian submariners.

Another highlight was the Director´s visit to the Taranto Military Shipyard, with its impressive dry docks, that have seen decades of Italian naval craftsmanship. Here the Director was welcomed by Rear Admiral (UH) Pasquale De Candia, the Shipyard Director, who provided the Director with valuable insights into the shipyard's historical significance and its role in maintaining naval supremacy.

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