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Nov 2 2023

OCCAR-EA Director Visits Rheinmetall Land Systems

OCCAR-EA Director Visits Rheinmetall Land Systems

Kassel, 02 November 2023 – OCCAR-EA Director Mr. Joachim Sucker visited Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH, where he was warmly welcomed by Mr. David Hoeder, Senior Vice President PMO-D and Mr. Eduardo Veen Martinez (CEO BU TAC). Presence from Dr. Alexander Abeler, MD of ARTEC GmbH, and the OCCAR-EA Boxer Programme Manager, Ms Alexandra Alonzi, also provided a valuable opportunity to further collaborative discussions on the OCCAR-EA Boxer Programme. Overall, the visit provided the Director with the excellent opportunity to be fully briefed on Rheinmetall´s current operations and focus areas, followed by an extensive on-site tour of the production line where he was able to observe the tactical vehicle production including the Boxer, Puma and Lynx. Furthermore, Rheinmetall staff expertly enabled the Director and accompanying OCCAR delegation to see a static display as well as participate in a dynamic display on the test track.


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