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Sep 13 2023

OCCAR-EA Director visits OCCAR A400M Team

Sevilla Sept 13, 2023 – OCCAR- EA Director Mr. Joachim Sucker visited the OCCAR A400M team as well as took the opportunity to be briefed on the A400M Final Assembly Line.

The Director met with the A400M Aircraft Acceptance, Delivery and Retrofit support Section Team that plays a central role in the delivery of the aircraft to OCCAR´s customers, as they act as the focal point for AMSL and the national acceptance teams in the process from acceptance inspections to the final Transfer of Title from Airbus to the Nation. 

The support provided by the AMSL team encompasses not only the technical aspects of the delivery, but moreover the support of contractual matters. The location of the team directly at the Airbus Final Assembly Line in San Pablo (Sevilla) enables OCCAR to quickly react and adapt to emerging situations within the production, thereby ensuring a smooth and efficient acceptance process for the nations providing them with state-of-the art aircraft within time, cost and scope. 

Director Sucker lauded the professionalism, motivation and flexibility demonstrated by the team and acknowledged their important role within the A400M Programme Division. The success of the AMSL team is only possible thanks to the close coordination and excellent cooperation with the OCCAR team located in Madrid.

The Director was given a detailed briefing and overview of the work by the OCCAR A400M team and was able to gain a deeper insights into the complex process of the important steps it takes to combine aircraft parts delivered from several partner locations as he was invited by the AMSL team to witness the A400M final assembly first hand during an on-site factory visit.

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