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May 3 2021

OCCAR-EA Director meets IT D NAD

Rome, 03 May 2021. At the premises of the U212 NFS (Near Future Submarine) Programme Division, the OCCAR-EA Director Matteo BISCEGLIA met with the Deputy of the Secretariat General of Defence / National Armaments Directorate Vice Admiral Dario GIACOMIN, the Italian U212 NFS Programme Board Representative.

The OCCAR-EA Director took the opportunity to thank the IT DNAD for the trust that Italy had placed by allowing OCCAR to manage such an advanced underwater Programme and he further underlined the full commitment of the NFS Programme Division in the achievement of all the High Level Objectives of this critical Programme

A further focus of the discussions related to the possibility of developing a more in-depth and holistic vision of the strategic drivers and assumptions necessary for the development of the Programme, in order to define a coordinated set of actions. Additionally, the ever-growing relationship between OCCAR and the IT MoD was also subject to discussions.

The U212 NFS Programme includes the development and the production of two new submarines (plus a further two as an option), 10-year support package, along with a new training centre.

The key developments of the Programme include a number of innovative systems such as the new generation command and control system and the lithium ion batteries propulsion based system.

The end of the meeting saw both participants reaffirm the need for joint contractual planning activities.

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