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Dec 5 2023

OCCAR-EA Director Hosts 2023 Former Directors Meeting

Bonn, 5 December 2023 – The OCCAR-EA Director, Mr. Joachim Sucker hosted the former OCCAR-EA Director´s meeting at the OCCAR-EA premises in Bonn, Germany.

Mr Sucker expressed his deep appreciation to the four former Directors, Mr Patrick Bellourad of France, Mr Nazzareno Cardinali of Italy, Mr. Arturo Alfonso Meirinio of Spain and Mr. Tim Rowntree of the United Kingdom for travelling to Bonn to attend the meeting.

Mr. Matteo Bisceglia of Italy excused himself from the meeting due to prior obligations. Director Sucker underlined that the feedback of the former Directors on lessons learned during their tenure are very valuable to him to continue steer OCCAR into the future.

Mr. Sucker intends to continue to host these meetings in future, as they provide a valuable platform for information exchange.

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