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Jul 18 2023

OCCAR signs S&E Contract amendment to launch additional SAMP/T NG Systems for the Italian Air Force

Paris, July 18 2023 - OCCAR-EA Director Mr Joachim Sucker and eurosam Managing Director Mrs Eva Bruxmeier signed Amendment 13 of the FSAF-PAAMS Sustainment & Enhancement (S&E) contract for approximately 700 million euro for the procurement of the new generation of ground medium-range air defence systems SAMP/T NG for the Italian Air Force. This procurement adds to the SAMP/T NG production ordered in January 2023 for the Italian Army and French Air & Space Force.

OCCAR-EA has awarded this amendment of the S&E contract, by delegation of Segretariato Generale della Difesa e Direzione Nazionale degli Armamenti (SEGREDIFESA) and Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA), to the eurosam consortium, consisting of Thales, MBDA-France and MBDA-Italy shareholders.

The contract was signed in the presence of SEGREDIFESA, DGA and Italian Air Force representatives as it sees the latter Armed Force joining the FSAF-PAAMS programme alongside the Italian Army and Navy, the French Navy and Air & Space Force, and the British Royal Navy.

With this contract, the Italian Air Force will be equipped with SAMP/T NG ground-to-air defence capabilities. The SAMP/T NG system development, launched in 2021 in cooperation with France and Italy, is an enhancement of the SAMP/T system in service since 2010.

The system comprises multifunctional radars (GF-300 by Thales for France and Kronos GM HP by Leonardo for Italy) with increased capability of detection and tracking of modern targets, including ballistic and hypersonic threats, and a new Engagement Module, which allows for enhanced robustness against saturating threats, high velocity cruise missiles, as well as increasing defended zone against ballistic missiles. This new systems will use both ASTER 30 Block-1 and ASTER 30 Block-1 NT (New Technology) air defence missiles from MBDA. 

The Italian Air Force is joining the programme at a pivotal time, as it has now reached the completion of the definition phase for the new generation of ASTER missiles and SAMP/T NG systems. Through this procurement, Nations further reaffirm their confidence in the principles of international cooperation, contributing towards the enhancement of a cohesive European defence.

Within this framework, OCCAR-EA, as a recognised European centre of excellence for the management and procurement of complex, cooperative defence equipment programmes, continues to fully support the Nations in achieving their strategic objectives.

Director and Bruxmeier

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