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Dec 19 2023

OCCAR-developed systems: decisive armaments & assets for its armed forces customers

As a contributor in the answer to Houthi-led attacks recently launched against ships in the Red Sea, OCCAR-EA is proud to have delivered to its armed forces customers decisive armaments and assets:

  1. FREMM European multi-purpose frigate, with first deliveries in 2012 and the objective of full delivery (18 FR & IT frigates) in 2025;
  2. PAAMS Principal Anti Air Missile Systems that provides agile, rapid reaction “self-defence", "local and naval area" defence Maritime capabilities for the 4 FR & IT Horizon frigates and the 6 UK Type 45 destroyers of the UK Royal Navy;
  3. Aster anti-air interceptor, with more than 1000 missiles already delivered since 2002 and an order backlog including new Aster 30 Block 1 New Technology (B1NT) for hundreds of new missiles for the benefit of 6 armed forces (French Air Force, French Navy, Italian Army, Italian Navy, Italian Air Force, UK Navy);
  4. A400M, truly versatile aircraft specifically designed for tactical performance and the ability to carry overweight loads over long distances, with now 120 aircrafts delivered since 2013.

On 09 December 2023, while patrolling the Red Sea to ensure maritime security & compliance with international law, the French Navy's FREMM Languedoc frigate engaged its Air Defence capabilities by shooting down with Aster 15 missiles two threats coming from the coast of Yemen that were heading straight for it. On 11 December, the frigate also intercepted and destroyed a drone directly threatening the Norwegian oil tanker Strinda. The FREMM then positioned itself to protect the affected vessel, preventing it from being hijacked. The FREMM Languedoc then resumed its patrol to protect the sea lanes. Following these successful Aster interceptions, it was the Royal Navy T-45 destroyer HMS Diamond that countered on 15 December a new air attack launched from Yemen targeting a merchant ship, with the use of consort air defence capability of its Sea Viper PAAMS(S) system. In parallel, French Air Force organized an efficient transfer of Aster 15 munitions from mainland France to Djibouti Air Force base (BA188) thanks to the A400M unmatched capabilities, in order to let the navy recover a nominal munition allocation.

These systems will certainly play a decisive role in the “Prosperity Guardian” multinational coalition formed on 19 December 2023.

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