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May 13 2024

OCCAR Boxer Programme participates in FAVCEE 2024

Prague, Czech Republic, 13-14 May, 2024 – The OCCAR BOXER Programme Division was invited to take part in the Future Armoured Vehicle Conference Central & Eastern Europe 2024 (FAVCEE). OCCAR-EA and the BOXER Programme were presented by Mr Peter Seger, OCCAR BOXER PD ILS Section Leader who then participated in a panel discussion entitled “The BOXER Armoured Vehicle – advancements, deployments, and collaborations in Central & Eastern Europe.”

Other panel participants included:
Lieutenant Colonel Hugh O'Neil Roe, UK Boxer Capability Cooperation, DE&S, UK Ministry of Defence, Lieutenant Colonel Karlheinz Boenke, Authorized Army Representative for MRAV BOXER, ACCDC, Bundeswehr, Mr Mario Blokken, Director PSec, Finabel - Finabel - The European Land Force Commanders Organisation

Interesting panel discussions focused on the excellent advantages achieved by co multinational cooperation, as implemented by OCCAR, as well the key features of the BOXER concept capable of integrating various and future systems to respond to recent and future security threats.”

Further issues discussed on the panel were:

BOXER evolution in terms of design, technology, and capabilities since its inception, as well as what are the key features that make it well-suited for modern military operations in Europe?

Insights into nations the operational experiences using the BOXER armoured vehicle, with regards to successes, challenges, and adaptations made to optimise its performance in diverse environments;

and finally, how nations have cooperatively approached the development, maintenance, and utilisation of the BOXER, including what key role international cooperation plays in enhancing the collective security of European nations?

Read more on the OCCAR BOXER Programme here:


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