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Nov 22 2022

NFS Technology Workshop

On November 17h and 18th, the first Near Future Submarine Technology Workshop took place. Held into Calzoni premises in Bargellino (Bologna), the workshop gathered 19 companies involved in the underwater technology domain, mostly already on-board of Near Future Submarine, giving everybody the chance to look at the state of art in the underwater domain, the future perspectives and, most important, the future of NFS itself. With this aim, Near Future Submarine Technology Workshop left the floor to major defence excellences, enriched by small and medium-sized enterprises, which are studying and developing projects and ideas looking to the future and to better meet the technical and operational needs necessary to develop the strategical UW segment.


The workshop saw two days of discussions. During the first day, right after the U212 NFS PD Programme Manager and Calzoni-L3Harris’ CEO introductions, an interactive and exhaustive U212 NFS Programme presentation took place. The NFS Senior Platform Officer went into an overview of OCCAR organization and NFS Programme technical details, stimulating the participation of the attendees. The second day gave the opportunity to each company to present their new technologies as well as the research currently ongoing. In the afternoon, the question “…what are the 2 technologies enablers to bring in the NFS evolution or for submarine system?” triggered a fruitful and lively debated round table.

All the participants enjoyed the genuine and collaborative spirit, hoping to live a new edition next year, hence the workshop main mission is surely to be considered: accomplished.


If you want to learn more about the U212-NFS programme, please visit our website.

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