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Feb 26 2021

New Programme Contract for U212 Near Future Submarine

Rome, 26th February 2021. The Director of OCCAR Executive Administration (Organization Conjointe de Cooperation en matiere d'ARmement) - the organization for the management of Armaments Programmes in Europe - Matteo Bisceglia and the General Manager of Fincantieri’s Military Vessels Division Giuseppe Giordo signed the contract for the two new submarines for the Italian Navy (plus two as an option), the related 10 years support, and the new training system.

The new U212 NFS is a decisive evolution compared to the Italian-German U212A programme. It will see a robust injection of technologies characterized by innovative systems and technologies. This includes among others the new generation command and control system and the lithium ion batteries propulsion based system. This new capability will guarantee the Participating State Italy an effective deterrent and maritime security in the wider Mediterranean. The first of class will be deliver 81 months after contract award.

OCCAR’s previous programmes cover the missile -, space - , air - , ground - , and see surface domain- in all phase of defense systems life cycle. The U212 Near Future Submarine (U212 NFS) Programme expands the portfolio to the underwater domain. Currently a single nation programme, Italy tasked OCCAR to manage the Programme to pave the way for other Nations considering future underwater programmes or even other partners to cooperate on the U212 NFS programme. Subject to an agreement between the stakeholders, new Participant States may join the U212 NFS programme in any phase of the lifecycle ( Development, Production, In Service Support).

OCCAR-EA awarded the contract to the Fincantieri following a tight integration schedule. This success was achieved due to OCCAR-EA and Italian Naval Armaments Directorate’s staff’s joint effort in conjunction with a very responsive team from Fincantieri. OCCAR-EA began preparations with Preliminary Activities between 18th March 2020 and 16th December 2020. In parallel, Italy conducted national preparations including an exchange with the European Commission and publishing the intention to conduct a negotiated procedure with Fincantieri.

Following Italy’s request to integrate the U212 NFS Programme, the Programme Management Authorisation was approved 16th December 2020 formally initiating the integration of the Programme into OCCAR-EA. Italy signed the Programme Decision on 23rd December 2020, committing the Participating State to the Programme. Preparations from the Preliminary Activities allowed awarding the contract, hiring staff and setting up the Programme Division in an extremely short time. The Programme Division with will begin operation on 1st April 2021 in Rome with a satellite office in La Spezia to follow later.

With the legal framework established 20 years ago, OCCAR has a proven record of satisfying Participating States’ demanding needs of establishing new Programmes and delivering new defence capabilities, to which this Programme will add.

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