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Jun 22 2022

MAST-F PD Eurosatory participation

From Monday 13 to Friday 17 June, the MAST-F PD participated to the EUROSATORY exhibition in order to present the MAST-F program. Eurosatory is a professional exhibition dedicated to the land and air-land defense and security sectors.

Within the French Minarm Stand, the OCCAR MAST-F PD presented this missile system with its operational name “AKERON LP” not only to manufacturers, but also to official delegations and representations, VIP experts, operational users, purchasing managers, design offices, researchers, investors, politicians and journalists who follow defence and security issues.

The MAST-F system has the particularity to be implemented with potential platforms managed by OCCAR (TIGER MkIII and MALE RPAS). With these specificities, OCCAR has the responsibility to manage these programs from a technical and schedule consistency point of view. So this exhibition was also an excellent way to present OCCAR's role and added value for facilitating the collaborative management of major armaments programs.

If you want to learn more about the MAST-F programme, please visit our website.

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