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May 19 2022

Maritime Mine Counter Measures (MMCM) France RECEIVES NEXT CAPABILITY STEP

As part of the FR/UK MMCM Prototype Programme the French Marine Nationale received qualified delivery of the next MMCM incremental capability step known as Remotely Operated Vehicle – Identification (ROV-I) on 16th May 2022 in Brest (France). This Identification function builds upon previous capability to Detect, Classify and Locate sea mines delivered to both FR & UK in November 2021.

This is a critical step in the wider MMCM Programme and provides a firm footing moving forward. The achievement of this milestone is testament to the tireless and determined team effort of all key stakeholders, including OCCAR, DGA, Marine Nationale, Thales and SAAB.

The UK Royal Navy will receive delivery of their ROV-I capability in the coming weeks.

The provided picture shows ROV-I being launched at sea from an MMCM vessel

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