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Jan 31 2023

Jacques Chevallier Logistic Support Ship Sea Trials Kick-Off

In the wake of her first sail at sea executed on the 20th of December 2022, the Logistic Support Ship (LSS) “Jacques Chevallier ” has successfully performed its first Sea Trial sequence from the 25th until the 28th of January 2023.

It has allowed carrying several Platform’s trials with a dedicated focus on navigation. This sequence is the first step to the Qualification and then the acceptance of the First of Class which will occur in several months.

Copyright: Chantiers de l’Atlantique

Jacques Chevallier was a naval Engineer. He was a pioneer in the nuclear propulsion field for French submarines and assumed the role of “Délégué Général pour l’Armement” from 1986 until 1989.

Copyright: Chantiers de l’Atlantique

If you want to learn more about the LSS programme, please visit its website.

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