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May 15 2024

HYDIS2 Grant Agreement and OCCAR Contract Signed

Bonn, Germany, 15 May 2024 - The OCCAR-EA Director, Mr. Joachim Sucker, along with the Hypersonic Defence Interception Study HYDIS2 consortium, composed of 19 industrial partners from five Nations (DE, ES, FR, IT, and NL) and represented by MBDA France, officially signed the HYDIS2 Grant Agreement (GA) under the authority of the European Commission and the associated HYDIS Linked Procurement Contract (LPC) on behalf of the OCCAR HYDIS Participating States Germany, France, Italy and The Netherlands.

The Programme amounts to around 140 M€, of which 80 M€ is co-funded by the European Defence Fund (EDF).

The Hypersonic Defence Interceptor System (HYDIS) Programme aims towards the investigation and definition of the concept for an endo-atmospheric interceptor able to counter fast-growing and complex threats such as manoeuvring ballistic missiles, hypersonic cruise missiles or hypersonic glide vehicles.

The HYDIS Programme aligns with the EDF 2023 Project (HYDIS2) for which OCCAR-EA was entrusted as Granting Authority. The signing of the Grant Agreement consolidates the collaboration between OCCAR-EA and the European Commission within the framework of managing the European Defence Fund.

HYDIS2 will last for three years and will involve the exploration of various interceptor concepts and the maturation of the related critical technologies.

If you want to learn more about the HYDIS Programme please see here: 

OCCAR - HYDIS Programme - Hypersonic Defence Interceptor System

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