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Jun 12 2024

HYDEF Third Core Stakeholders Workshop takes place in Überlingen, Germany

Überlingen, Germany 12-13 June 2024. DIEHL hosted the third European Hypersonic Defence Interceptor (HYDEF)´s Core Stakeholders Workshop (CSW) at its industrial facility in Überlingen, Germany. The two-day meeting was attended by national experts from HYDEF participating states and industrial partners of the HYDEF Consortium.

The starting point for HYDEF CSW 3 was the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) approved at the Mission Concept milestone (MCM). The objective was to consolidate customer-specific requirements and incorporate them into the new version of the CONOPS to be delivered at the Mission Definition Review (MDR) milestone. In this way, the European HYDEF consortium ensures that all national requirements are taken into account in the conceptual design of an effective surface-based air and missile defence system solution to effectively counter all known current or future threats.

The HYDEF CSW3 was a very successful event with interesting discussions for all participants based on six different scenarios provided by the Consortium. After finishing the meeting was organized a visit to the DIEHL´s Missiles Museum.

It was agreed that the next CSW will be based on the HYDEF Integrated Logistic Support Concept.

The CSW3 concluded with a unified commitment to success and a shared vision.

If you want to learn more about the HYDEF Programme please see:

OCCAR - HYDEF - HYpersonic DEFence Interceptor Programme

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