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Apr 30 2024

HYDEF Programme signs 1st Amendment to Grant Agreement

Madrid, 30 April 2024 – The 1st Amendment to the HYDEF Grant Agreement has been signed, after European Commission prior approval, by the coordinator Sistemas de Misiles de España, SL (SMS), represented by its General Manager, Mr. Luis Mayo and OCCAR, represented for the purposes of signature of this amendment by HYDEF PD Programme Manager, Manuel Jesús de Hoyos Sánchez, in the name and on behalf of OCCAR EA Director, Joachim Sucker.

OCCAR was named the Granting Authority for HYDEF Programme under the powers delegated by the European Commission (EC) by the signature on December 2022 of the corresponding Contribution Agreement (CA) between the EC and OCCAR-EA. Furthermore, on 31 October 2023, a Grant Agreement to set out the terms and conditions applicable to the grant awarded to the beneficiaries for the implementation of HYDEF Programme was signed by OCCAR and the coordinator.

The amendment to the above-mentioned initial GA, was requested to OCCAR by the beneficiaries in compliance with the GA conditions and procedure for amendments. The aim of the amendment is to include some new Subcontractors already confirmed as eligible by the EC, inclusion of some clarifications in the GA, reallocation of some Person/Months to cover coordination and preparation activities carried out by some beneficiaries in advance with the objective of improving the performance in the execution (with no changes in Milestone’s scope, deliverables, payment plan and financial tables of the GA) and allow the use of unit costs for personnel/staff costs instead of actual cost to justify the direct personnel cost. All these modifications are full in compliance with the provisions in the CA signed by the EC and OCCAR.

The present amendment shall form an integral part of the Grant Agreement and it takes effect on the date of signature, 30 April 2024.

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