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Jan 23 2024

FSAF-PAAMS PD visits industrial premises in Italy

Fusaro, Italy 23 January 2024 - Following the great number of contracts signed by OCCAR on behalf of the three Participating States; France, Italy and the UK, and in line with a planned visit of the most important industrial premises and facilities within the FSAF/PAAMS Programme, the FSAF-PAAMS PD’s Programme Manager, Francis Celeste, and the Technical Section Leader, Valerio Benedini visited the testing, integration and production lines at the Leonardo premises.

The OCCAR delegation was welcomed by the Head of Air and Land systems, Ing. Francesco Ranieri and received a presentation of the organization put in place by the company to show the management of activities related to radar development and production. 

The tour was completed with a visit of MBDA IT’s industrial facilities, also located in Fusaro, near Naples, in the presence of Executive Group Director for Technology and Performance, Ing. Guido Lami. 

Both Leonardo and MBDA focused on the presentation of equipment and resources which fulfil the actual and foreseeable contractual commitments for the SAMP/T NG, Aster and CAMM-ER programmes.

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